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who are we?

We are a small family-run company that is a compilation of art, carpentry and business. We have culminated over 20 years of experience:

- 12 years in printing

- 5 years in carpentry

- 3 years of business studies

We envision a marketplace in which our art speaks for itself.

Darryn Rooza - Owner & Graphic Designer:

Founder of Tan Tan Bo; 12 years XP in the printing industry. Jack of all trades; spiritual being.

"Don't take things personally!"

Andrew Breytenbach - Partner & Production Manager:

Recent partner of Tan Tan Bo; 5 years XP in carpentry. King of Maak 'n Plan.

"Don't worry man!"

Errin Louis - Co-Owner & Managing Director:

Recent co-owner of Tan Tan Bo; 3 years XP in business. Organizational freak; Queen of Colour Coding. 

"Exist loudly, exist proudly."


Meet the Team!

Comic & Movie-related
Abstract & Nature
Islamic Art

some of our work:

CM web

Comic & Movie-related

Portraits web (1)


Abstract web

Abstract & Nature

Islamic Art web (1)

Islamic Art